Comfortably Numb Trail Race Back for 2019!

After the cancelation of last years event myself (Kristian) and new co-owner Dean, wondered if we could purchase the race and keep this iconic event happening in our community.

And here we are putting in the work to bring you a great trail race experience come June 15.

We both love running this trail and racing along it. Yes it’s Whistlers longest and most physically challenging singletrack ride in the Whistler valley when it comes to mountain biking it. Running it is still physically challenging and long, but its more enjoyable to run than ride (and I don’t mind riding it… with the exception when its wet).

For 2019 we have a slight change to the course. Instead of descending all the rocks down towards Nicholas North Golf Club we now will take a hard left on Yumby Numby trail and descend that down to the Blackcomb access road. We continue on that until we take slight dip down before ascending Instant Gratification and then a short ways up Blackcomb access road before descending Roam in the Loam, onto Base 2 access rd and then a long fast descent on village green to the finish.

We look forward to seeing you June 15.

Kristian and Dean